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The Bag Snagger®is the first and only tool ever designed and patented for removing plastic bags and other debris from trees. It is also perfect for snagging trash from waterways, along shorelines and other hard-to-reach areas where litter and trash has collected. Able to extend as much as 40 feet, the Bag Snagger can totally eliminate the problem of bags in trees, which in many areas are a genuine blight on the landscape, and it can go after plastic bags and large items like tarps that are caught in rivers, canals and lakes and can be otherwise difficult to get.

Bag Snaggers®are now being used by parks departments, government agencies and private companies throughout the world, including New York City's Central Park, as well as non-profit and volunteer organizations dedicated to preserving the health and beauty of trees, landscapes and waterways.


The Bag Snagger will clean your trees.

It's perfect for cleanups of rivers, canals and lakes.

The basic Bag Snagger set includes two 6-foot length fiberglass telescoping poles with the heavy-duty steel Bag Snagger grapnel (pictured above), along with four 6-foot fiberglass extension poles with snap button connectors. It can reach up to 40 feet. The Bag Snagger tool consists of four steel rods in the form of a grappling hook which is attached to a fiberglass telescoping pole and then extended up into a tree or out into an area where litter or debris is located. One of the hooks is sharpened on the inside edge in order to slice a bag which may have wound around a tree branch. The device is then twirled down, winding the bag on the hooks and freeing it from the tree.

Also available is a smaller version of the Bag Snagger—the Pocket Snagger—using 4-foot poles for easier portability and use. A Pocket Snagger Set (8-foot telescoping and four additional extension poles) reaches heights of almost 30 feet.

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Bag Snaggers are manufactured entirely
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CBS-TV "Sunday Morning" FeatureWaterway/Shoreline30-SecondKitchen Window "Collect Pond"
Bag-Snagging at the New York

This is a bag in a tree: unpleasant.

This is the Bag Snagger removing a bag from a tree: very, very pleasant.

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